The Bastion

Kelston, Month 13

Upon returning to Kelston the following adventure hooks and rumors have been presented.

- Marek is happy to see Peren back and is hatching a new plan to restore his fighting pits back to good order.

- Laughing Fox is instigating duels with angry husbands to protect their honor, then slaying them. This results in the now widowed lady to have to cede her estate to Lord Markswell Kolakar as warden of the property until such time as she can remarry. At least 5 noblemen have met their end to Laughing Fox’s blade. Lady Foxglove took her own life out of sorrow.

- The Dragon and the Hound tavern is stirring up shit with The Black Manticore Tavern (possibly instigated by Marek).

- The Druids of Obad-Hai have welcomed Zari into their ranks and are eager to aid her and The Bastion with the threat to Hylanlae.

- PizCo appears to be behind the buying of magical goods in Kelston (rumor from Marek).

- PizCo is not being slowed down by the bureaucracy in Kelston’s courts, war with the forest folk seems inevitable.

- A ship crew has posted a notice in the Black Manticore with an obscure and discreet request for aid in securing property for an undisclosed party. They seek to meet the next evening at the Black Manticore.

- Vix is eager to use the party funds to try and get near enough Lord Kolakar to assassinate him, but has not worked out a plan on how to do that and get away with her life, yet.

- Peren’s house has been vandalized. The Scaleleaf has all been burned away and signs of a struggle inside are visible.

-The Candles and The Irons are performing demonstration against and for the banning of magic in Kelston.

Party Gold and Inventory

4406 gold

1 Hexagonal Glass Vial (Elixir)
1 Black Stone Figure of a Crouching Wererat
1 Brass Tiara
1 Sable Pouch with 1 Sable Mask inside
1 Electrum Hair Pin with a Sardonyx set in it

1 Amulet – Etannan’s Memento
1 Staff – The Ashwood
1 Staff – The Hag Claw

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