The Candles

Organized proponents of lifting the restrictions on magic in Kelston


The Candles are comprised of mostly nobles and merchants who see it as a grave mistake for Kelston to shun arcane magic and instead promote a more even handed and sensible approach to its use. Chiefly they seek to have magicians be held accountable for their power, just as mercenaries and adventuring parties are.

They point out that Thunderstroke Tower was a malady that should have been regulated years ago by the late Lord Thaddeus Cade and that Lord Kolakar’s reaction is understandable but far too heavy handed given that the rest of Kelston has no such problem with magic, that the problem was concentrated in Thunderstroke alone.

Among the nobility and merchants that are open members of The Candles, are:
Lord and Lady Ashani
Durn’s Armorworks
The Falcoci Trade Coalition
Lord Gustav
Sir Gustov
Nox Romanov and the Romanov Shipwrights Company
Lady Isabo Randal
Master Yog and the Temple of Ioun


The Candles

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