The Irons

Political group that strongly supports outlawing of arcane magic in Kelston


The Irons formed within days of the magical catastrophe in Kelston that saw Thunderstroke Tower collapse and release hordes of elemental creatures into the city. Many in their ranks are soldiers, mercenaries, or innocents who were injured or lost someone in the fighting that ensued.

While the core of their number are individuals who suffered because of this tragedy, the leadership are comprised of nobles and merchants who lost little or nothing, but believe that they could have lost everything. Their chief argument is that arcane magic should be outlawed or used only by the government, and never be practiced by lawless hedge wizards or dangerous adventurer types.

Among their leadership are:
Lord Baelop
Master Estomer and the Silvergate Merchant Coalition
Lord and Lady Havermach
Master Ixth of the Banker’s Guild
Lady Orlanda
Lord Pfauster and the Farmer’s Coalition
Colonel Haketa of the Foxfire Mercenary Company
Captain Weiker of the Iron Guard Mercenary Company
Lord Xavier and the City Guard


The Irons

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